Thank you for your custom.

I’d like to express a hearty thank you to all who stopped today, and discovered Borruix tree olives. You walk the earth with open eyes, and today you discovered something new. To those of you who went on to purchase: I sincerely hope you enjoy the olives, and ‘tea’. You will come to realize you bought into something natural, pure and special.

Good health to you all.

Love and peace


Hitchin Craft & Farmers Market 28th May 2016

…… alternatively, why not pay us a visit this coming Saturday (28th May), where we will be selling slightly larger (postal unfriendly) boxes, stuffed with olives. Priced each at £4.30, small compensation for our efforts. All proceeds will contribute to bringing in next year’s harvest. We’ll also be selling generous proportions of olive leaves, so you can brew your own ‘olive leaf tea’, at £3.00 per bag. Enjoy.

See you there, from 8:30 am. till 3:30 pm.

Vegan Olives

Vegans often voice concern that olives are typically preserved using animal derived products. Here at the Olia Borruix eco-farm we produce truly vegan friendly olives. They are so close to nature we call them ‘tree olives‘, but we could equally call them ‘vegan olives’.

Borruix tree olives are 100% olive: no chemical infusions, no leaching, no heat treatment. Nature’s compliment of pure, golden, unadulterated oil, and all the other olive nutrients brought to you in the regulated quantities nature intended. None of that waxy and greasy bottled stuff they call ‘virgin’. Vegan olives are dry, oily, and delicious. Sometimes nutty, sometimes fruity. Vegans will be pleased to know the Borruix farm in Alicante is a haven for wildlife, where our policy is ‘live and let live’. Vegan friendly food at its finest. Vegan olives, on sale now.