Dehydrated Raw Olives Direct From The Borruix Farm Gate

Dehydrated and semi-matured olives. Any green and they will still impart bitterness and dry-mouth feeling.

Borruix tree olives go from strength to strength. Last year I managed to produce a shoeboxful of delicious edible tree olives. I set myself the target of producing a bucketful next harvest. With a total yield this year of over 12 kilos I am happy to report: mission accomplished! That’s despite a slow recovery from the infamous 2014 drought, where many trees refuse to yield, and, in November (2015), loosing most of the crop to a freak hailstorm.

A year on I can report the following: tree olives keep for ages. They do dry out a little, but the oil and flavour remain potent; they like to breathe – so don’t store them in plastic sealed containers; they are ever so moreish and addictive; they work well as an aperitif and seem to go well with green tea; you can pick on them all day long; they contain the purest and most unadulterated olive oil you will ever encounter, with more throatiness than the ‘best’ bottled oils can ever offer you; the host of flavours they impart is amazing, every single olive contains a little surprise.

Remember also Borruix tree olives are ecologically and organically farmed. All cultivation is done by hand – by me! No tractors polluting the flowering trees with stinking and toxic diesel particulates, nor compressing the subsoil and causing untold damage to the subterranean biosphere. No petrol driven chainsaws emitting toxic heavy metals, such as thallium, out their exhaust pipes and straight into the trees’ respiratory system. Woodpiles everywhere, living creatures scurrying around. Birds nesting in the most unusual of places. Wild boar at night eeking out truffles. No burning of ‘scrub’ -that’s all part of the organic future of the soil. Tree pruning as an artform: you have two options. You can make your trees look nice and agro-industrial by being brutal, or you can recognize that every cut to the tree represents a serious injury, and you are gradually killing the poor thing. You learn to recognise when you have stressed the tree, and you aim to avoid this level of injury in the future. It is easy to get carried away with oneself and a pruning saw. You learn to prune for years in the future, and not for today.

In another page I described a tasty leathery chewing gum, the product of wild olives. Borruix tree olives possess similar textural properties. They have not been subjected to any liquids, so no nutrients are leached out, nor anything absorbed – only the water content has been reduced. After a relatively short period of curing the bitterness is gone, and no dry-mouth sensation is experienced. Break through the outer skin to reveal the flesh, and apply heavy finger pressure. What do you see? A healthy emergence of clean, pure, translucent oil – 24 carat liquid gold.

Try some Borruix tree olives: now if you have ever studied olive oil you will know that a considered high quality oil feels quite sharp on the throat. This is caused by the anti-inflammatory agent within the oil. These olives impart the same throaty sensation. They have very powerful flavours, and I believe this is testament to the high nutritional content of unadulterated olives. In comparing Borruix tree olives with typical commercial olives I can only say that commercial olives are hollow in vegetative flavour (and hence nutrients), and are practically void of oil.

Borruix olives are 100% raw, and are in no way salted, or artificially preserved. Neither have they been subjected to any pasteurization technique. Contrary to what I said before on this page Borruix tree olives are not just for raw-foodies. All health conscious individuals will come to realize the benefits of consuming unprocessed tree olives. Pick on them for any length of time, as I have, and you will come to realize they are not just nutritional, but medicinal. I believe this is because they deliver oil in moderate quantities, quite unlike pouring oil from a bottle all over your salad, or dousing it over your food. I always found this caused unhealthy digestive tract feelings; taking the oil in moderate quantities, as nature intends, causes quite opposite feelings.

Tree olives come into their own if you are on a narrow diet, such as a de-tox, or vegan. Quite simply, they offer you something else to add to your diet, a little unusual, but 100% pure and wholesome.

I am my own experiment. I make no scientific claims as to whether olive oil is ‘good for you’. But I know from life that too much of any good thing is not good. I know how I feel in my body. I know there are more and more scientists cautioning us over the 20% saturated fat content of refined olive oil. At nearly fifty years old I feel strong and energetic, as I did when I was twenty. I value my delicious oily tree olives, as some of the most worthy food on the planet. I was once asked, “so what’s so special about your olives?” “Nothing,” I replied, “they are just olives.” And that’s exactly what’s special about them.

I am producing ‘tree olives’ to share. In future years, God willing, yields will increase to viable commercial levels. Please get in touch if you want to be a part of this story.

Johnny Fitzsimmons

April 2016

The same olives less than two weeks later. Most have turned deep purple, and fully cured – that means the bitterness is gone and the true taste is realised.















Raw dehydrated olive busting with oil

Take a look inside our olives. Busting with oil. Brined olives just don’t do this: the oil emulsifies and turns into a white froth. Stay well away from those type, and choose only 100% wholesome, raw, and good-for-you Borruix olives.

He may look out-of-this-world, but he is 100% earthly. Tasty, tasty raw food at its finest !

He may look out-of-this-world, but he is 100% earthly. Tasty, tasty raw food at its finest !

naturally cured olives - a very rare thing

Smile for the camera. Tasty dehydrated raw olives, just waiting to be savoured by you