Through caring for my trees for so many years I’ve developed an awareness as to how they grow, survive, thrive, suffer.

I have learnt so much. Reading, putting into practice, assessing results over many, many growth seasons. I’ve been able to test myth. I have learnt to observe –  to visualise the internal structure of the tree, from the clues on the outer bark. Leaf indicators of stress and poor soil health. I have even developed a few of my own techniques for restoring health to neglected or previously mutilated trees.

Tree ownership can be a source of stress, but it ought not to be. Trees are creatures of the forest, but allowed to live in our world. Trees must be kept in check, else their forest world becomes dominant over human existence. OK, some of us would love that, and perhaps me too, but let’s take a reality check: in the natural world animals, birds and insects prune away withering branches. When overgrown trees invade our living spaces, perhaps come crashing down onto property, pose risk to life, or provoke lawsuits etc. etc. …… we must control our trees.

I now offer treecare and woodland services under the banner INSIGHT ARBORIST. I will care for trees and woods around the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire areas surrounding Luton – perhaps even further.

My motto is: a little every now-and-then. That’s how trees are best treated. Avoiding mutilation, and allowing the energy levels of the tree to recover. A little every now-and-then keeps pathogens at bay, and avoids the creation of dead or hollowed trunks. Your trees remain strong, wind tolerant, healthy, and don’t present risk to future tree workers / climbers. Now you have borne out your responsibility, and you trees are no longer a source of stress.

I aim to leave manageable piles of cuttings, which will mulch down into unbelievably small heaps, can be worked into the soil – that’s best practice for active silviculture, or easily disposed of through your municipal refuse collection.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, either through the contact form on this website,

or landline 01582 737119,

or text to mobile 07905 111548, and I will respond asap

I look forward to working with you.

Johnny Fitzsimmons