Mission Statement

mission statement

Hi, my mission is to raise awareness of the existence of these delicious oily tree olives. Raw, unadulterated, and busting with 24 carat liquid gold.


My mission is build a customer base to whom I can offer naturally dehydrated ‘tree olives‘, which I grow and produce at my single hectare eco-farm in Alicante, Spain. Essentially, Borruix tree olives are sold at the ‘farm gate’. So you buy directly from me, the grower. No middle agent forcing up the price, or depriving Olia Borruix of the small compensation it deserves.

I’d love to endorse our natural tree olives by discussing all the health benefits believed to be derived through everything olive, but it would be wrong for me to do so. There’s a ton of science out there on the subject, discussing antioxidant properties, mopping up of free radicals, cardiovascular health, lowering of blood pressure, reversing atherosclerosis, brain food, prevention of colon cancer, the list goes on. I’m a relative believer: I’ve been consuming tree olives for two years now, and I feel great for it. I believe nature never intended us to consume liquefied oil in huge quantities – as it is when poured from a bottle. I used to consume olive oil in that manner, as I had access to reliably good quality oils at Spanish prices, so I can compare myself from then to now: things too personal to discuss here. Remember, roughly one quarter of processed olive oil is saturated waxy fat. Borruix tree olives, when squished between fingers, ooze clear, thin oil, which leaves ones fingertips smooth and clean, and not greasy. You don’t have to wipe them with a cloth. Pour some of the ‘best’ single estate oil over your fingers, and there will be a greasy residue until you ‘dry off’ with a cloth, sometimes with soap. I believe there to be a tempered truth in what science says. If there be, then Borruix tree olives offer you the best of the best. The most natural and unadulterated edible olive chemistry available on the planet. Isn’t mine a worthy mission?

Eat well my friends,

Johnny Fitzsimmons, Olia Borruix.

30th October 2014