Have you heard of ‘tree olives’?

When you say ‘olives’ most everybody conjours up sensory perceptions of the salty processed sort you see in jars, plastic sachets, tins etc. That edible olives also come raw, shriveled up, and unadulterated is much lesser known. In putting this website together I’ve come to realize this is problem. By way of simple analogy: if I wanted to market dehydrated grapes I would simply call them raisins, which is what you would search for if you wanted dried up shriveled grapes. Catch my drift?

Borruix dehydrated olives are crying out to be shared, and in need of a familiar term – something which might one day become ‘household’, so to speak.  There seems to be no short noun to distinguish our tasty olives from those bland and tasteless commercially processed type. Borruix olives are neither tree-ripened, at least not in any extraordinary sense, nor sun-dried. ‘Dry-cured’ accords to my logic. However, this term describes layering olives and salt alternately – and this is not what we do –  far from it. ‘Date olives’ isn’t bad. No doubt this term was inspired by the shriveled up resemblance dehydrated olives have to dates. The Peruvian ‘Botija’ type come from a single family owned estate. I understand the family apply a 400 year old secret curing method. Perhaps here at Olia Borruix we have discovered the same technique. Even if we have, it would be quite misleading to market our produce under this geographical banner. Borruix olives are self-cured through their own biology, so we could call them bio-cured olives. Err, that’s a little too scientific.  ‘Olia Borruix’ was conceived primarily to convey the message that our olives are produced and marketed as a single estate product. I strive to perfect the curing process. Constantly experimenting, in order to produce the sweetest olives. When mastered, perhaps ‘Borruix olives’ will mean something to the larger world.

I was disappointed when I learnt ‘raisins’ is Latin derived and simply the French way of saying ‘grapes’. I was hoping the term had a far more interesting origin which might inspire me. Alas not.

. …………………(some time later).

I have found a term which I feel is well suited. Nobody helped me – it’s my own doing. I submit this (drum roll please): ‘tree olives’. That’s ‘tree olives’, as opposed to ‘nutrient reduced factory olives dubiously processed in order to taste nice’. Tree olives. I’m going to say it again because after a day of pondering it still sounds good: tree olives, the new name for natural raw olives.

Johnny Fitzsimmons

14th November 2014

Hi, we are tree olives ! We came from a tree - not a factory.

Hi, we are tree olives ! We came from a tree – not a factory.


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