Vegan Olives

Vegans often voice concern that olives are typically preserved using animal derived products. Here at the Olia Borruix eco-farm we produce truly vegan friendly olives. They are so close to nature we call them ‘tree olives‘, but we could equally call them ‘vegan olives’.

Borruix tree olives are 100% olive: no chemical infusions, no leaching, no heat treatment. Nature’s compliment of pure, golden, unadulterated oil, and all the other olive nutrients brought to you in the regulated quantities nature intended. None of that waxy and greasy bottled stuff they call ‘virgin’. Vegan olives are dry, oily, and delicious. Sometimes nutty, sometimes fruity. Vegans will be pleased to know the Borruix farm in Alicante is a haven for wildlife, where our policy is ‘live and let live’. Vegan friendly food at its finest. Vegan olives, on sale now.