We’re having a lot of fun offering samples of our delicious shriveled up tree olives, and gauging reactions to this truly rare food. I thought I’d share some of the feedback:


They make a nice aperitif. I didn’t bring the others to my wife, I kept them at work for myself, and picked away at them all afternoon. Ha ha. C.M. France.

These are something special. You need to work on recipes, and combining them with other foods. I think you are on to something. I.D. Shri-Lanka.

I think they are growing on me. S.K. Sweden

Good grief Johnny “I wasn’t expecting that ” – did exactly what you said and wow a nutty, chewy pure natural taste, that was so more-ish. Couldn’t believe it. Thought I knew olives but they are something else. If Michelin star restaurants know about these I’m sure they would use them, because they are a premium product. Dr. Peter Nelson from Cumbria, UK. He is doing research into the medicinal effects of oleuropein on throat and mouth infections

Raul from Jaen, Andalucia (where they know a thing or two about olives), has something interesting to say: Johnny, you have redefined olives! When they (the oil barons from Andalucía, Italy, and Greece) realize what you have done they won’t let you get away with this. They are going to kill you. It will be far simpler for them to kill you than deal with you in the marketplace.

If you’re sitting in a bar with a beer, these will be fatal: P.B. UK

You need an open mind. Initially you will reject them, because they don’t taste like olives, but after two or three you will realize they are really something special. C.B. Montpellier

Hey man, these are top quality, I’ll ‘ave some. A.A. Luton


Why not try some for yourself? If you’d like to do this please get in touch, or see what where are up to in the long term.