our little eco-farm

Eco farming - at one with nature
Sometimes we cultivate – sometimes we let fallow – we do what we can to create firebreaks – we don’t ask of the trees what they don’t do by nature

The policy here at the farm is simple:

-no weedkiller

-no tractors

-hard manual work

-no chainsaw

-no burning of scrub

-application of mineral soil additives

-regular cultivation by hand

-rotational set-aside

Stand still for any length of time, and many many creatures come out of hiding. It never ceases to amaze me, the secret world of wildlife. It’s fascinating to see owls arrive late evening – likely preying on those poor little voles. Hey little fellas: watch out!

Eco-farming: tree pruning done slow, slow, slow

It takes long-term and artistic foresight, together with an in-depth understanding of tree biology, to restore health to mutilated trees. Eco-farming means slow, slow, slow reduction in the overgrowth, over a period of many years. Here, my trusted advisors are skilfully outlining the task. In the future, they will be compensated for their efforts.

Thank you for your custom.

I’d like to express a hearty thank you to all who stopped today, and discovered Borruix tree olives. You walk the earth with open eyes, and today you discovered something new. To those of you who went on to purchase: I sincerely hope you enjoy the olives, and ‘tea’. You will come to realize you bought into something natural, pure and special.

Good health to you all.

Love and peace