Express Your Interest

Had you asked me several years ago whether others would entertain unprocessed tree olives I would have replied with doubt. I thought the odds were against it: I’d never seen them on sale anywhere, nothing on the internet, nor anything in scientific research. I assumed that at some time in prehistory early humans were put off by the sheer strength of flavour. Now, I reckoned, modern man was incapable of considering them edible.

How wrong I was. Borruix olives are sought after at the dinner table, and make an interesting aperitif. They cannot be eaten in large quantities, neither can you hurry them down. If you are in danger of hitting the snack tin go for the olives instead, bite through the tough shriveled bark and into the flesh. Experience the flavour. Like aching muscles after a workout, your going to discover taste receptors you never knew existed. You will make it to your meal without having touched the snacks. Dried tree olives come raw and oily, unprocessed and wholesome. You can be certain you are eating in the manner nature intended. That really means something to the health conscious.

Showing interest in Olia Borruix gives me positive signals there are others out there prepared to subject their palate to this lesser-known commodity. Your interest will encourage me to invest in land husbandry and further research and development into this rare food.

Feel free therefore, to drop me a line, or comment through the article posts.

Thanks for now,

Johnny Fitzsimmons

3rd January 2015